Over the past 15 years, Thermotech has manufactured more than 10,000 agitators for a wide range of industrial applications like pharmaceutical, personal care, waste water treatment, chemical, mineral processing, dyes, and pigments, etc.

We have extensive experience in designing agitators for critical reactions, and complex materials, which enables us to provide you an optimum solution to your requirement.

Our current manufacturing program includes High efficiency aerofoil (axial flow) impellars, pitched blade turbine, Rushton turbine, Anchor, disperse, and many other types of special impellor designs.

The quality of the mixers is validated by the fact that mixers supplied more than twenty years, are still in operation. Apart for the engineering and quality of workmanship, our mixers incorporate, the best drives from globally renowned names, like Nord, Bonfiglioli, and seals from Eagle Burgmann, and Flow serve.
All agitators can be run on load and no load, at our factory, by means of Variable Frequency Drives, for validation.

Thermotech is a leading designer and manufacturer of cGmp reactors ranging from 50 liters to 30,000 ltrs for the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and API industry.

Vessel type
We design and manufacture reactors with- limpet, half coil jackets, and shell jackets, enveloped by insulation material of choice. Reactors are cladded with a stainless steel jacket, over the insulation, to provide an aesthetic finish.

Internal finish
C-Gmp reactors have internal finish upto 0.1 Ra, and are electro polished. Finish is measured by our in house roughness measurement instrument (Ra meter). We conduct FAT trials including CIP (Riboflavin), and drainability at our works.

Our experienced applications team will work with you to figure out the optimum agitator for your need. Agitator choices offered are Anchor, High efficiency, Hydrofoil, Rushton turbine, and Pitch blade turbine.

Our partners for mechanical seals are world class companies like Flow serve, and Eagle Burgmann. Depending on your application we can provide-

  1. Single mechanical seals

  2. Double mechanical seals (with thermosyphon cooling)

  3. Special dry seals

Special features provided in the reactors are:

  • NOVASEPTIC make special bottom valves

  • LUMIGLASS make Polycarbonate sight and light glass, mitigating the risk of glass failure

  • Customized infit ports for instrumentation

  • Stainless Steel control panels for variable frequency drives and other interlocks

  • Spring loaded or quick opening manways, with safety grids.

Thermotech reactors are designed and manufactured to provide years of trouble free service. There are plants across the world that are using Thermotech reactors that were manufactured more than 15 years ago

Thermotech has manufactured and hydraulically tested API tanks of upto 100,000 liters,all in its in-house facility. We have also manufactured and tested pressure vessels with internal pressure up to 60 kgs.

Thermotech designs and manufactures a wide range of tubular heat exchanges. All Heat exchangers are designed and constructed as per TEMA.

Our experienced engineering team can provide thermal design in addition to mechanical design using software like HTRI

The types of heat exchangers include –

  • Finned tube

  • Corrugated tube

  • Shell and Tube

With respect to construction/ type of Tube sheet, following options are available-

  • Fixed tube sheet

  • Floating Tube sheet

  • U tube etc

Thermotech designs, engineers and fabricates a wide range of columns. Having a large shop space enables the assembly and testing of columns up to 50 meters long.
We’ve partnered up with highly experienced process consultants, enabling us to offer end to end solutions to many applications.

Thermotech has been supplying Gas induction reactors or Hydrogenators to the Pharmaceutical (cGMP variant) , and chemical industries for some years now.

Thermotech Gas induction reactors enable the pumping of gases from the head-space to the bottom of the vessel, through the hollow agitator. Special impellers at the bottom ensure vigorous dispersion of the gas, ensuring excellent gas liquid contact. Any unreacted gases are re inducted into the liquid.
Some advantages of these reactors over conventional reactors include-

  • Efficient gas-liquid mixing

  • High gas-liquid interracial area

  • Thorough solid suspension (catalyst).

Thermotech Gas induction reactors are offered with the following specs-

  • Capacity- 500 ltr to 25000 ltr

  • Process range- upto 90 bar

  • Temperature- 30 to 300 C

  • Material of construction- Stainless Steel, Hastalloy, Inconel

  • Sealing- Mechanical sealing, OR sealless design incorporating magnetic drives.

Thermotech is the major supplier of Fryma and Cream mixers to the personal care product manufacturers like Unilever, ITC, CavinKare, and other overseas manufacturers.
Fryma mixers comprise of two high speed high shear cowlers, and one central anchor agitator with PTFE scraper blades. The top lid with drive arrangement can easily be lifted with an inbuilt, robust hydraulic arrangement.
The salient features of our mixers are-

  • GMP design, and construction with factory insulation and SS cladding

  • Capacities ranging from 500Kg to 5000Kg.

  • Two high speed robust cowler agitators with double mech seals and thermosyphon cooling

  • Self adjusting solid PTFE block scrapers ensuring complete scraping, and enhanced heat transfer

  • Stainless steel control panel housing variable frequency drives.

We manufacture equipment of the following Material of construction-
Hastalloy (C-22, C-276), Inconel (600, 800), SS 904L, SANICRO 28, Duplex (2205, 2207), and Titanium.