Pressure Vessels

Our team at Thermotech combines expertise with cutting-edge technology to deliver custom-designed pressure vessels that meet the unique needs of each client. Whether it’s a spherical vessel for high-pressure applications or a cylindrical vessel for storage purposes, we pride ourselves on delivering solutions that exceed expectations in performance, durability, and safety.

Pressure Vessels

Offered complete GMP Systems with Basic,
Process Engineering, Layout & Detail Engineering. 

Also meeting ‘C-GMP’ Standards and stringent
requirements of international regulatory bodies like

Designed in accordance with the various
international codes for pressure parts. 

‘Internal surface finish’ up to 600 Grits with
Mechanical /Eletro-polishing having service-free internals to avoid contamination and facilitate thorough cleaning during product changeovers.

Condenser vapour side is removable to facilitate
manual cleaning.

Pre-insulation for hot and cold service with
removable SS 304 cladding.

Specially designed sealing mechanisms for bearing
housing to prevent grease leakage.

Offered with various types agitators such as Anchor,
Turbine, Mig, Hydrofoil, Propeller and contra
mixer etc.

The Vessel, Receiver, Columns & Condensers
with bolted openings can be dismantled to facilitate manual cleaning periodically or
between product changeovers.

The Nozzle & the Reflux line connections can be provided with Sanitary Triclamp, DIN, SIMS IDF or flange ends as specified by the user.